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Transportation of Biological Material, Medicines and Foodstuff at Controlled Temperature

  For the safe transportation of thermally sensitive Biological Materials, Medications and perishables such as foodstuff, the maintenance of a strict adherence to “Cold Chain” quality standards is obligatory.

  The specialized and dedicated team at BIOCOURIER are focused on the safe handling and transport of heat-sensitive transported goods, with Certified and Calibrated Thermal Insulation Packages, imported from the leading manufactures of heat-sensitive products. These packages keep a constant temperature of the goods for 48 to 120 hours, regardless of the outside temperature conditions.

  You can be assured that when transporting your goods the cold chain is strictly maintained as we utilize certified digital data loggers that are placed inside the packaging and record the temperature throughout the delivery. Once the transport is completed, the temperature data is available in a pdf file.

  All you have to do is to inform us of the goods that you require to transport and the temperature requirements, and our expert staff will find the ideal solution that is also cost effective.

Common Temperature Transport:

  • Ambient
  • Room Temperature Control +15 ºC to +25 ºC
  • Chilled + 2ºC to + 8ºC
  • Freezing -15ºC to -25ºC
  • Dryice UN1845 dry ice.
  • -196 ºC using liquid nitrogen LiquidNitrogenUN 1977.

  In addition to transportation using heat-insulating packages, we can arrange transport of large heat-sensitive loads (eg foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals on pallets) using temperature controlled trucks with precision utilizing data loggers to monitor the temperature.

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