Packaging & Packing material


   Upon your decision to use KANGA SERVICES for your move, our experienced team will attend your home at a time that suits you, with all of the necessary packaging materials and tools.

  Their careful, efficient and methodical approach to packing your items will instill confidence and will remove any stress you may have about the move.


  We use the most durable and professional packaging materials to pack fragile items or items of particular value. We can also customise any form or shape of wooden box for the safe transportation of your precious load. These wooden constructions are heat treated in order to meet any goverment regulations in your country of destination.

  You will be engaged with every significant phase of the moving process and we will listen carefully and respectfully to your ideas and feedback. Only with a good working relationship will we achieve the best results .

Contact us at our Customer Service Center for within Greece and worldwide on the following telephone numbers:  +30 210 52.33.393 +30 210 52.22.257

Or send email to : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
It is our pleasure and honor to serve you!


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