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In the 1980s the idea of creating a systematic and affordable courier service for both individuals and companies was born. The idea of a more organized and efficient method of transporting documents resulted from the Shipping Industry’s need for urgent processing of their Bill of Lading documents, as well as for the timely transportation of spare parts for ships.

The first courier services in Greece originated from abroad. Two foreign companies made a cautious appearance in the Greek Business Sector with daily small volume deliveries .This mainly consisted of the transport of documents which were accompanied by individuals on commercial airlines and were known as “Courier On Board”.

This decade was decisive for the development and progress of the courier industry in Greece. With its humble beginnings in a small office in Ambelokipi in central Athens, and its actualized goals and dreams, KANGA SERVICES became a force to be reckoned with in the area of courier services in Greece.

Being one of the first companies in Greece to create an organized, systematic and comprehensive courier service, the development of KANGA SERVICES was swift. The Greek Business Sector quickly recognized the necessity of this new service and led us to the establishment of other offices in Athens and nationally. Each month witnessed a record number of shipments and new customers.

While throughout the years we have achieved great success and glory we have also faced big challenges. However, our dreams and history have not allowed us to bow down, and under difficult circumstances we have managed to survive.


Today, having secured collaborations with networks and partners around the world,

we continue to provide our customers with the excellent service that they are accustomed to, and while faced with demanding factors such as time, we thrive at the challenge it poses for us and our partners.

Thank you to all our customers who have honored us with their confidence, loyalty and preference.

We also thank all of our current and previous staff who has contributed to the success of KANGA SERVICES.

Dimitrios Sotiropoulos,

President & CEO



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+30 210 6466400